Falling in love with Nice!

DSC06691_FotorDSC06747_Fotor_Fotorfile (2)

I’ve never before been in France, and my first introduction to the country is Nice – both as in the meaning of the word itself, and the name of the city!

Awkward puns aside, Nice is a really charming city. I’m amazed by how it seems like such a small and quaint place, even though it’s one of the biggest cities in France. I guess it’s because we, my family and I, rented an apartment in the middle of Vieux Nice – the old town.

In the pictures above you can see the building we lived in for a week. Many other tourists actually stopped to take pictures of it. Every time I popped my head outside the window to see the old city with all it’s life and people, some tourist would take my picture – probably thinking that I was a Nice native living there.

DSC06752_FotorDSC06739_Fotor 3DSC06724_Fotor2

Our charming little apartment from the inside looking out. I fell in love ❀

Almost every morning there was a French woman carrying a basket singing French songs right outside our window. She didn’t even have to use a microphone because her voice carried everywhere.

My sister and my mom right outside our apartment:)


Me at Place Rossetti, the little square by our apartment. The centre of the old town.

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