Exploring a Ruin Castle (UK Roadtrip)

Day 4 of me and my friend Caroline’s UK Roadtrip was spent in Wales, with a brief 5 minute pop over to England (we drove over the wrong bridge while looking for parking in the town of Chepstow).

The itinerary for the day included an abandoned castle from the 11th Century and the enchanted forest that inspired J.R.R Tolkien when he wrote about Middle-earth in The Lord Of The Rings! (I’ve written a post about the enchanted forest here!).

Chepstow Castle

Or in Welsh: Castell Cas-gwen, is a Norman Castle built by the river Wye. The castle was built by the Norman Lord William fitzOsbern, so even as we were sightseeing around Great Britain we unconsciously sought out Norwegian history, as the true northerners we like to think we are!

DSC05240 3DSC05250_FotorIMG_0158 4IMG_3719 4

As you can see we found a princessy photo-op, and we both had to have a turn at playing a princess waiting for her prince to come!

The place was so beautiful in a dark and dramatic way. We visited during working hours in the middle of the week, so we had the entire (gigantic) place for ourselves – except for one elderly couple.

We kept losing track of each other, though. We both have a tendency to wander off whenever something catches our eyes! Haha, we were walking around all mesmerized, and only when we snapped out of it we discovered neither of us had a clue where the other was. As you can clearly see in my vlog from our little castle-visit! Subtitles added.

All in all, Chepstow Castle was a beautifully conserved castle. We spent hours there, and I would visit again!


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