The Old Family Cabin!

​No electricity, no water and no road in. That about sums this place up in terms of convenience. It’s a proper Norwegian cabin. Up here, in the mountains surrounding my home town of Rjukan, life is simple. Well, simple in some ways and other ways not so much – there’s a great deal of work that comes with it. 

Today has consisted of boating over the lake, carrying backpacks, groceries and a -heavy- battery up a steep hill, making a makeshift refrigerator, fixing our solar panel by installing the new battery and cooking dinner on our gas stove. Puhhh. 

In other words it’s been a great day! 

​​Smiiile! Our husky found an old animal bone to gnaw on. Pretty much made her day!
My sister enjoying some red wine after we were done with carrying everything up.
Our makeshift refrigerator, because our top priority is of course that the beer keeps cold!
My grandfather and his brother built this cabin with their own hands. First they had to cut down all the timber they needed, then float it down the lake and flat out the area with picks. Only then they could actually start building. 

Love this place. ❤️

Guro Engell xx 


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