The Old Family Cabin!

​No electricity, no water and no road in. That about sums this place up in terms of convenience. It’s a proper Norwegian cabin. Up here, in the mountains surrounding my home town of Rjukan, life is simple. Well, simple in some ways and other ways not so much – there’s a great deal of work that comes with it. 

Today has consisted of boating over the lake, carrying backpacks, groceries and a -heavy- battery up a steep hill, making a makeshift refrigerator, fixing our solar panel by installing the new battery and cooking dinner on our gas stove. Puhhh. 

In other words it’s been a great day! 

​​Smiiile! Our husky found an old animal bone to gnaw on. Pretty much made her day!
My sister enjoying some red wine after we were done with carrying everything up.
Our makeshift refrigerator, because our top priority is of course that the beer keeps cold!
My grandfather and his brother built this cabin with their own hands. First they had to cut down all the timber they needed, then float it down the lake and flat out the area with picks. Only then they could actually start building. 

Love this place. ❤️

Guro Engell xx 


A Little Trip To Middle-Earth! (UK Roadtrip)

Introducing Puzzlewood Forest!

The place where Kylo Ren and Rey had their epic lightsaber fight at the end of Star Wars – The Force Awakens. The place where Doctor Who encounters the Weeping Angels, the crack in the wall and River Song all at once. The place that inspired J.R.R. Tolkien’s descriptions of Middle-Earth in The Lord of the Rings.

And that’s not even all – I could also namedrop the TV Show Merlin, for instance. But I think the forest speaks for itself, it’s truly magical.

IMG_0250_FotorIMG_0221_FotorIMG_0235 4IMG_0242 3

Here’s the vlog I made from that day!

Exploring a Ruin Castle (UK Roadtrip)

Day 4 of me and my friend Caroline’s UK Roadtrip was spent in Wales, with a brief 5 minute pop over to England (we drove over the wrong bridge while looking for parking in the town of Chepstow).

The itinerary for the day included an abandoned castle from the 11th Century and the enchanted forest that inspired J.R.R Tolkien when he wrote about Middle-earth in The Lord Of The Rings! (I’ve written a post about the enchanted forest here!).

Chepstow Castle

Or in Welsh: Castell Cas-gwen, is a Norman Castle built by the river Wye. The castle was built by the Norman Lord William fitzOsbern, so even as we were sightseeing around Great Britain we unconsciously sought out Norwegian history, as the true northerners we like to think we are!

DSC05240 3DSC05250_FotorIMG_0158 4IMG_3719 4

As you can see we found a princessy photo-op, and we both had to have a turn at playing a princess waiting for her prince to come!

The place was so beautiful in a dark and dramatic way. We visited during working hours in the middle of the week, so we had the entire (gigantic) place for ourselves – except for one elderly couple.

We kept losing track of each other, though. We both have a tendency to wander off whenever something catches our eyes! Haha, we were walking around all mesmerized, and only when we snapped out of it we discovered neither of us had a clue where the other was. As you can clearly see in my vlog from our little castle-visit! Subtitles added.

All in all, Chepstow Castle was a beautifully conserved castle. We spent hours there, and I would visit again!

My little list of longing

We’ve all got it I think, either on paper, electronically or in the privacy of our minds.. It can contain all sorts of things, but for me it’s a list of all the places I’ve happen to come over that I want to visit.

Every time I see an Instagram post about some dreamy place I write it down. Every time I come over an amazing travel pin on Pinterest, I write it down. Every time I read about an exciting place to visit in a book or a newspaper, I write it down. It might even just be when seeing a nice picture of a nice place while scrolling through my Facebook-feed. Regardless, if it awakens my curiosity, I write it down.

It’s nothing fancy about it, it’s simply a list in my notes on my phone. Practical and easy, because I always have my phone with me. But at the same time, that list holds big parts of my future plans. I hope. Because I fully intend to visit as many of these places that I can. Which is kinda crazy to think about..

So here’s a little taste of my list.


Wuzhen Water Village, China
Varanasi, India
Jaipur, India
Kimono Forest, Japan

The Americas

Havasupai Waterfall, Arizona, USA
Las Coloradas, Mexico
Guatapé, Colombia
Frida, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Istanbul, Turkey
Eltz Castle, Germany
Versailles, France
Reine, Norway


Marrakech, Morocco
Bo Kaap and Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa
Morondava, Madagascar
Luxor, Egypt


Fraser Island, Australia
Street Art, Melbourne, Australia
Borobodur Temple, Indonesia
Hobbiton, New Zealand
Pictures, in order, from:×2160


Falling in love with Nice!

DSC06691_FotorDSC06747_Fotor_Fotorfile (2)

I’ve never before been in France, and my first introduction to the country is Nice – both as in the meaning of the word itself, and the name of the city!

Awkward puns aside, Nice is a really charming city. I’m amazed by how it seems like such a small and quaint place, even though it’s one of the biggest cities in France. I guess it’s because we, my family and I, rented an apartment in the middle of Vieux Nice – the old town.

In the pictures above you can see the building we lived in for a week. Many other tourists actually stopped to take pictures of it. Every time I popped my head outside the window to see the old city with all it’s life and people, some tourist would take my picture – probably thinking that I was a Nice native living there.

DSC06752_FotorDSC06739_Fotor 3DSC06724_Fotor2

Our charming little apartment from the inside looking out. I fell in love ❤

Almost every morning there was a French woman carrying a basket singing French songs right outside our window. She didn’t even have to use a microphone because her voice carried everywhere.

My sister and my mom right outside our apartment:)


Me at Place Rossetti, the little square by our apartment. The centre of the old town.

Beautiful Wales! (UK Roadtrip Part 2)

Me and Caroline take on Wales!
Fangirling at Cross Keys Pub (because Sherlock!), falling in love with Tenby and discovering St. Govans Chapel on the cliffs in the sunset!

I’ve made a youtube video all about it, so click the link to view it!

>> Norwegians exploring Wales! <<

Also, here are some pictures from that amazing day 🙂

IMG_0034 2
Charming streets in Tenby. All houses were painted in light pastel colours 🙂
IMG_0078 3
St. Govan along the West Coast of Wales
IMG_0084 4
St. Govans Chapel
IMG_0029 3
Me and Caroline in Tenby, Wales

DSC05227 3