Moving Halfway Across The World!

I did it! I finally moved to Australia! Check out my vlog from the moving days!


My little list of longing

We’ve all got it I think, either on paper, electronically or in the privacy of our minds.. It can contain all sorts of things, but for me it’s a list of all the places I’ve happen to come over that I want to visit.

Every time I see an Instagram post about some dreamy place I write it down. Every time I come over an amazing travel pin on Pinterest, I write it down. Every time I read about an exciting place to visit in a book or a newspaper, I write it down. It might even just be when seeing a nice picture of a nice place while scrolling through my Facebook-feed. Regardless, if it awakens my curiosity, I write it down.

It’s nothing fancy about it, it’s simply a list in my notes on my phone. Practical and easy, because I always have my phone with me. But at the same time, that list holds big parts of my future plans. I hope. Because I fully intend to visit as many of these places that I can. Which is kinda crazy to think about..

So here’s a little taste of my list.


Wuzhen Water Village, China
Varanasi, India
Jaipur, India
Kimono Forest, Japan

The Americas

Havasupai Waterfall, Arizona, USA
Las Coloradas, Mexico
Guatapé, Colombia
Frida, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Istanbul, Turkey
Eltz Castle, Germany
Versailles, France
Reine, Norway


Marrakech, Morocco
Bo Kaap and Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa
Morondava, Madagascar
Luxor, Egypt


Fraser Island, Australia
Street Art, Melbourne, Australia
Borobodur Temple, Indonesia
Hobbiton, New Zealand
Pictures, in order, from:×2160


Australia, here I come!

In July I’m leaving Norway and moving to Australia! Yay! I wish I could just pack my suitcase and get on the plane right now!

I’ve been thinking about what to do next for what feels like an eternity, considering my options and doing a ton of research online. Finally, around christmas time, I decided that it was time for me to do my masters degree, and that masters degree would be in development studies. I applied for four degrees in both The US and Australia, and I got accepted by all of them! Joy! The choice was easy though, because I already knew which university was at the top of my list.

So to be more specific, Monash University, here I come!

The Master is called International Development Practice, and what made me decide on it is its focus on practical skills as well as academic knowledge. And it also doesn’t hurt that Monash ranks high, especially when it comes to an international outlook. They even have campuses outside of Australia (It would be so cool if I get to travel more as a part of my studies)!

For now though, all I can do is to prepare and daydream.
Luckily, I have one trip to France and one trip to Palestine coming up before I depart for Australia, so I really shouldn’t complain 🙂